You know you live in Istanbul when…

I had a conversation with my husband the other day that was just plain weird. It was a conversation I never imagined we’d have, and one that I think could only take place living here. It went like this…

Scott: Honey, are you flushing toilet paper down the toilet again? (Said in his best reprimanding voice.)

Me: No, no. I mean, maybe just a square or two on accident when I was up in the night feeding Ellie and forgot in my middle-of-the-night stupor.

Scott: Okay. (Said in a tone that I’m let off the hook this time, but I better watch myself if I keep up with this naughty behavior.)

Having this conversation elicited a dozen things to come to mind that are unique attributes that come by way of living here. You ready to here some of them?

You know you live in Istanbul when….

– You’re not sure if your child’s dimples are a genetic disposition or the result of getting poked in the cheeks one too many times

– If a place to visit is one hour round trip you consider it close or if someone you know lives only a 20-30 minute walk away you consider them a neighbor

– No one knows what gluten is even though they’ve eaten it everyday of their life

– You might take a bus, boat and train to get to your destination







– You feel awkward because on the bus all your baby wants to do is grab a fist full of hair that is on the arm of the man next to you and he has to keep stopping her. How do you explain his arm hair is not a toy?

– Coffee drinking is for after breakfast, not during breakfast, after breakfast, for afternoon break and with dessert. Or is that just me?

Any other sure signs you live in Istanbul?

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