You know you live in Istanbul when…part 2

1) You are taking a Turkish language exam and there is  cat laying down on the table you are taking your test on. And you know what else? The proctor thinks nothing of it!

2) You are perusing the store and see a cat taking a nap on a pile of scarves in the store.

3) You cannot remember the last time you knew the world without cats.

4) You hear ‘sppsshhhh” “sspppsshhh” everywhere you go as people are summoning cats.

5) You go to throw out your trash and upon opening the lid a cat jumps out at you! Who needs jogging to get their heart rate up?

My dear friend Jennifer adores cats. I hope she comes to visit soon because this is her city! I don’t mind cats, so this is a good city for me as well!

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