Why Istanbul Moms?

While living in Budapest, Hungary in 2011 I became pregnant with our first child. As Americans living in a foreign country, we had a lot of learning to do when it came to not only having a baby in Hungary, but taking care of a baby in Hungary. Thankfully, there was a great resource available to us called Budapest Moms, and this network of moms was my salvation in those months of untangling the world of pregnancy and new motherhood. I took pre-natal courses, found out all the bureaucracy surrounding having a baby abroad and specifically Hungary, was able to connect with other mothers, and in the end made friends. You can hear more about that part of our journey here.

My hope is that English speaking mothers finding themselves in Istanbul with similar questions and needs can find Istanbul Moms as a helpful resource. Amidst so much uncertainty regarding living abroad, learning a new language, and learning to understand a new culture, it’s nice to meet with other mothers who are in the same boat.

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Melissa is a wife, mama and fan of all things Turkey. Among other adventures, Melissa loves living life in Turkey while raising her daughters. On IstanbulMoms you can hear about her adventures and escapades, tips for success, strategies for untangling the culture, and ideas for enjoying life in Istanbul to the fullest.

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