What an interesting person you are, Eleanor.

We’re getting ready to embark upon our first international journey home with our daughter. She’s not quite five and a half months old, and already has a more exciting international track record than most Americans.

For starters, she was conceived in Hungary and traveled to many parts of the United States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and around Hungary before she was born. She was born at home in Budapest, Hungary, ironically across the street from one of Hungary’s most notable hospitals. She had a passport before she was a month old, and her first flight ever will be from Budapest to Frankfurt after which she’ll receive her first stamp, Germany. In my opinion much more thrilling than, let’s say, Sacramento to Las Vegas or Miami to Nashville.

She has been surrounded by two languages from birth. It’s no surprise she’s an absolute chatterbox and quite talented at mimicking a wide variety of words. She’s a linguist in the making. I suppose she’s not unlike her father in that regard.

Oh I could sit here and write about the woes of raising a child in a country not one’s own, but I’d rather brag about how interesting she’s going to be as a result of it. It will be thrilling to see what a fascinating person she’ll grow into as a result of her unique international life.


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