Thorns and Thistles

Today was a thorns and thistles kind of day, but I can’t say that I can blame Turkey. Although living here didn’t make today easier.

I gave Ellie some egg yolk with her lunch, and that’s where all the trouble started. It ended with this picture. How did she end up with a Louisiana State University onesie??

I distinctly remember that Ellie has never had trouble with egg before, but that’s besides the point. Today we were scheduled to go pick up a booster seat and baby monitor that we had purchased from some expats that are leaving country. It was supposed to be about a 25 minute mini bus ride away. Unfortunately, with traffic, minibus rides are forever long!

Ellie and I were on our way and she was her usual happy self. She had just woken up from her nap, had some breast milk and we were off. Today was already one of those days when I was grumpy and lots of little things were going wrong. However, I was determined to persevere!

Well, about 25 minutes into our minibus ride, and half way to our destination, Ellie took the bow out of her hair. I was looking down to retrieve the bow, and then she just started projectile vomiting like I’ve never seen! Carrots! Apples! Breastmilk! It was everywhere! I hurriedly tried to get off the bus in order to reduce the mess and shouted to the driver to let me off (the bus was already stopped). He didn’t hear me so as I was stepping off her started to go and rattled me and Ellie. We tumbled out, I landed on my feet, and I could feel the stares of the people all around. Ellie was still vomiting!

I got to the side walk, bent down and tried to see what I could do. Some ladies came over and gave me some water to try to clean up the mess. They were rapidly firing Turkish questions at me and in my distress in the situation all I could say was, “Yes, help!”

I got cleaned up and started walking home. I stopped on a corner, cried a little, and thought that it was amazing in a city of so many people how utterly alone I felt in that moment. I knew I couldn’t walk home. It was much too far. I didn’t want to get on a minibus because I knew we both smelled awful. But, there was no other way. If I kept going to my destination I needed to take a minibus. If I went home, same story.

Ellie was as happy as ever, so I decided to keep on towards our destination. When we arrived the woman I was buying from was so sweet and gracious to me. Once I explained our situation she offered to give us a onesie that she had planned to toss anyway. Whew! What a relief! Poor Ellie was soaked, so it was nice to get her in something dry.

We made our purchases and headed home. Since I was more than proud of myself for pushing on in the face of adversity I kept on going. I stopped at the store and the market to make some grocery purchases before getting home. After all, dinner doesn’t make itself, even on those days you really wish it did!

Don’t worry. When I arrived home I ate 5 chocolates to console myself. Ellie happily played with her toys. We are okay now. Every thorn has its rose!

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