Thankful for the sahil and sunshine

Me and my little sweetie on her big day. We had our picnic near the dogs so she could get a good view and say “ruff ruff” at them. 

Notice the Starbucks? I decided I deserved a little treat as well.


My baby girl turned 1 this past week. Here’s a photo of us soaking up some sunshine at the sahil. I tried to fill up the day with all of her favorite things including: kefir, bananas, and doggies and kitties.

Drinking kefir from her own big girl glass makes her so happy!

She’s been fighting a cold so I opted to not load her up on sugary cake. Instead I sautéed bananas, butter and cinnamon. I then made honey whipped cream. She ate it up with a good deal of enthusiasm.

And we bought her a puzzle with animals on it. She loves dogs and cats in particular, and whenever we read books with them she proceeds to tickle them and say, “tickle, tickle, tickle.” She really liked her gift.

I love my family.

After putting the little sweetie down for bed I headed out with the girls to catch a pro-volleyball game. Go Vakıf bank!

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