Some Signs you are on your way to Going Native

1) Ayran is your preferred beverage of choice.

2) When choosing between a latte and Turkish coffee you chose Turkish coffee.

3) When going out to eat you no longer think, “Hmm, Italian, Thai, Indian, Turkish” but rather think, “Hmm, Adana Kebab, çöp şiş kebab, beyti kebab, iskender kebab, urfa kebab, etc.”

4) If you notice someone out walking their dog and not picking up their dog’s poop, you yell at them, “You should pick it up! That’s disgusting! There are children playing out here.”

5) When your child catches a cold you wonder if it’s because they drank some cold water.

6) You cannot stop cleaning your house.

7) When someone informs you that Istanbul is a beautiful city you reply back in kind. And, when they agree you then agree. After going back and forth 10 times about how beautiful Istanbul is, you move on to how historical it is.

8) You find yourself recounting a story and can’t remember for the life of you if the original conversation took place in English or Turkish.

9) You enjoy eating cucumbers, white cheese (beyaz) and olives for breakfast. The thought of eating cereal for breakfast disgusts you!

10) You think taking 4 different forms of transportation in one day is normal.

So, what’s your score? I’m 7/10.

How else can you tell you are on your way to going native?

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