Pregnancy Collection Part 3- Sleeping, learning, and growing

Oh baby sleep. That was my biggest challenge the first year with our daughter. I kept waiting for her sleep through the night. It seemed that life revolved around that one goal- sleep. There are tons of books out there, many promising the magical solution and to be the cure-all for your baby. However, the reality is that sometimes our kids will not fit within the magical model promised, and I too often beat myself up wondering what I was doing wrong. I did find that even though I couldn’t truly get her to sleep through the night until 10.5 months, there were some helpful tips that made the sleep issue less arduous. Take these all with a grain of salt… I had to.

The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer- If you just read the reviews of this book you’ll see how controversial it is. Some swear by it, others hate it… I guess that’s how it goes with most books on this subject. This book helped me to establish a routine with our daughter and gave me some good ideas for keeping up the chatting with her throughout the day.  It also has a chart on the sounds of different cries to help you discern the reason your child may be crying. The author made me feel terrible for using a pacifier, so I had to get over that.

The Happiest Baby on the Block- Our daughter Eleanor was remarkably easy as a little baby, so this book wasn’t as necessary for us as it was for some. But, in the beginning we did have a few fussy evenings, and this book helped my husband learn how to soothe our daughter.

The Baby Book- This book has a breakdown of many of the reasons your baby is crying and why they might not be sleeping. It’s a helpful guide for new parents.

On Becoming Baby Wise- Speaking of controversial… whew! Truthfully I didn’t read this. But, so many people swear by it that I had to include it. I would have gone crazy letting my baby cry-it-out in the early weeks and months, so this would never have worked for us. Some people implement the schedule but do not do cry it out. Perhaps worth reading?

Montesorri from the Start- This book, more than many, has helped me to be a better parent. It has given me ideas of how to incorporate my daughter into my life, to teach her how to do what I’m doing, to challenge her and help her learn, and to respect her as a growing individual. It also helped mitigate some of the frustration that can come with parenting little ones by helping me to learn how to teach her explore the world around her.

To Train up a Child- This book is quite controversial as well, but I have to say it’s been extremely helpful for us. I learned about it from a friend after observing their daughter. I marveled at how well she behaved, but more than that she seemed happier than most 2 year olds! I knew I wanted our daughter to be a happy toddler, so I asked about some of their ideas on parenting. I’m sure you can understand this as a parent- living in a big city it’s important for me that if I say “no” to my daughter, she’ll obey. It’s far too dangerous with cars swerving all over, lots of strangers everywhere, and potentially harmful trash scattered about. This book gave me some guidelines for how to raise a happy child that obeys and loves to obey.

Spirit-Led Parenting- This was by far the most encouraging thing I read in the early days of being a mom. It encouraged me to trust my instincts, enjoy my baby, and to soak up the season. So many other books made me feel silly because my baby didn’t sleep through the night, or guilty because I used a pacifier, but this book set me free in a sense. Super encouraging!


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