Pregnancy Collection Part 2- Our Favorite Kids books

Ellie and I love reading together. It’s fun to flip the pages with her as she tickles the kitties, says “ruff, ruff” when we see pictures of dogs, or delightfully flips the pages with glee. I started reading to her when she was really little more because I didn’t know what else to do with her rather than an ambition for her to be the brainiest kid on the block. As time has gone on it’s fun to see how she has preferences for some books and her delight at snuggling up with me to read. Here are some of our top suggestions for stocking your shelves.

Goodnight Moon– Classic. We read this before every nap and bedtime. Funny enough she’s at the point now to where when I crack this book she starts signing for milk since she knows it’s bedtime. It’s like a very soothing lullaby that magically gets her ready for sleep. As she’s gotten older we point out all of the items as we read, and she now emulates that.

Moo, Baa, La La La– Is Sandra Boynton not the funniest? I’ve decided there’s no way I can meet her in real life because I’m bound to be disappointed. At any rate, this book is super fun! Ellie learned how to say “ruff, ruff” from reading it so often!

Barnyard dance-¬†Another Boynton treasure. Makes me want to dance so I don’t read it too close to bedtime.

The Foolish Tortoise– If I were stranded on a desert island, and were only allowed to bring one children’s book with me, I think this would be my pick. I love the moral of the story, I love the clever poetry, I love the art work. Now, too bad Ellie loved this book so much she ripped out half of the pages! Good thing I have it memorized!

Brown bear, Brown Bear– What a great book for learning animals, colors, and if you are in our family, animal noises. My husband’s meow to the purple cat is particularly charming. My daughter would let me read this book to her 78 times in a row.

Pat the bunny– This book is fun because it’s very tactile. You get to play peek-a-boo, feel daddy’s scratchy fact, and pat the soft bunny.

Touch and feel farm animals– Around 11 months my daughter started saying, yes saying, “tickle, tickle” while reading and tickling various books with animals. I think it’s because in this book you “tickle the dog’s furry tummy”. That was her favorite page and she’d stare at it for minutes (which you know is a big feat at that age!)

Thank you God for daddy– This book was one of the sweetest book gifts we’ve received. My sister-in-law bought it for us, and it’s darling. Our daughter adores her daddy, and this book brings to light many of the reasons we have to be thankful for him.

God Made you Nose to Toes– Again, my sister-in-law with the great gift, but seriously this one is really neat. It has helped Ellie learn some of her body parts, is a great reminder that God did make her nose to toes, and is just plain fun.

Jesus Storybook Bible– We wanted Ellie to start learning the Bible from an early age, and this is a very fun, colorful book for the little ones.

There’s tons more I could add, but that’s a good start for your kiddo’s library.

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