Pre-planning for flying internationally with kids

My husband and I looked forward to international flights before kids. After all, it’s a great opportunity to see all the latest flicks that we didn’t want to splurge to see in the theater. You can meet new and fascinating people. You can enjoy free alcoholic beverages on the flight. As my husband says, “it’s someone’s job to serve you. How awesome is that?!”


Now, we are getting ready to do this international flight thing with a baby. Now, I’m trying to absorb as much advice as I can to make this a smooth sail. Not to mention that in the years to come for me, and for you if you live overseas and far from family, this international flying drill is just going to be a way of life.


So, I consulted the experts, my friends on facebook, and inquired about tips for flying with babies. This is what I learned.

1) Nurse on demand especially during take-off and landing to protect their little ears.

2) Make sure to order a bassinet in advance for the little sweetie to sleep in. A baby on your lap for ten hours can get pretty heavy.

3) Wear your baby on you to get through the airport. It’s a lot easier to go through security. Not to mention it’s very easy to keep an eye on them this way, and most babies are very happy when worn.

4) Bring extra clothes for everyone. You never know when there’s going to be an accident, and you don’t want to be caught sitting ten hours in spilled soda, baby vomit, or anything else for that matter!

5) Bring extra food and diapers just in case there are delays.

6) Bring zip-lock bags to store clothes that are soiled.

7) Have the baby sleep in a sleep sack. That way you know they are warm even if they are squirmy when they sleep.

8) Relax. Yes, everyone around you is expecting your baby to make their flight miserable, but don’t worry about them.

9) You probably won’t get caught up on all the Harry Potters during this trip. In fact, you may not get any pleasure reading in. You’ll be taking care of your kiddo. And, when the baby sleeps, you should too!

10) If you need help, ask for it. If help is offered, take it. And, try to ensure that you and your spouse make a team effort to make the trip successful.

Alright. So in a few hours I’m testing out these tips and I’ll be reporting back with any additional thoughts. Chow!



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