My new favorite coffee shop- Kahve Dünyası

Kahve Dünyası, or Coffee World, is my new haven. I think it will be my new go-to place to get some alone time, hang out with the girls sans kids, or for a fun fondue date with the hubby.

I was introduced to this coffee shop recently by my friend Melissa, and there has been no turning back since. The service is wonderful! With many of the drinks you receive a delicious chocolate spoon or chocolate. I consider myself a chocolate expert, so you can trust me when I say it is incredibly delicious chocolate. In addition to the chocolate treat they already gave us, they gave Melissa and I a free bowl of chocolate covered espresso beans to munch on. I guess our efforts of decaf lattes were in vain because we were wired after eating our entire bowl of espresso beans. And, yes, yes, it was worth it!

I visited Coffee World again last week and the service was once again impeccable. They gave me frozen yogurt on the house, ikram. Additionally, I wanted to purchase a few chocolates to take home to my hubby and they just let me have them for free! How’s that for great service? There coffee is also quite delicious. I have yet to be disappointed.

Kahve Dunyasi on Buyuk Ada. Great view!

Please do yourself a favor and get that much needed alone time, chocolate spoon and latte today. Find a store near you here.



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