Istanbul Cooking School and Discount for Istanbul Moms and Mums!

My husband and I have lived abroad long enough now that when we travel to new cities we are rarely captivated by the dazzling architecture or the art motifs that are native and interesting to the land. Rather, we love to get into the food scene and to learn a little more about the culture that way. Let me tell you, getting into a kitchen in a culture is getting into the heart of the culture. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

Last night I had the fun opportunity to try out a cooking school here in Istanbul for the first time. Since my mother-in-law is visiting, I thought it would be fun to take her along to try our hand at recreating many of the delicious foods we’ve tasted but were too intimidated to cook on our own. And, let me say, I’m so glad that we went! I learned a lot of interesting facts about the array of Turkish cuisine that stems from different parts of the country, I participated in preparing and cooking a meal with my classmates, and honestly, had a ball!


The work table in the lovely, clean kitchen. 

Our wonderful teacher, Oguz

Istanbul Cooking School  is located in Taksim,  not far from Istiklal Caddesi and the British Consulate. I had the great pleasure of taking the course with Oguz, a wonderful guy who made the course tons of fun, introduced us to easy but delicious recipes we can make at home, and was kind enough to make sure we made enough food to send us all home with a little leftovers.

When I walked in I was impressed by the stylish and clean kitchen. Oguz offered us tea and the 4 students and Oguz chatted a bit. He then introduced us to what we’d be learning and we  put on our aprons and jumped in. It was fun to chop, peel and mix while learning a little bit more of this culture I’ve come to love. We participated in a shorter course, 3 courses, but the standard is usually 5. On our menu was hummus with red pepper, salad with bulgur, and a lovely chicken dish with walnuts. I cannot wait to make this for my guests when they visit! Thankfully, Oguz printed out all of the recipes for us to take home. 

Chop, chop, chop

You can see from the photos that we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I think that attending a cooking school is an ideal way to spend a day of one’s visit here, and can add some variety to visiting historical sites. Additionally, for those of us who already live here it’s a neat way to learn a little bit more about the cuisine and how to prepare it ourselves.

If this sounds like fun to you or any of your friends, then I have good news for you. Istanbul Cooking School  is willing to offer a 10% discount on the course for Istanbul Moms and our friends. Just mention that you heard about the course on this website, and the discount applies. Hooray! Afiyet Olsun ladies!

My mother-in-law listening and learning. You can see the salad and the bread.


The 4 students. We all had a great time and I think we are all planning on taking our relatives to learn to cook when they visit!

Enjoying the meal. Smiles all around.


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