Istanbul 2 months down

I don’t even know how to write this post. We’ll just see what comes.

We’ve now been here 2 months. Wow! This is how I’m feeling and faring.

Frustrated that I’m not yet fluent in Turkish (my expectations may have been off).

Happy that I’m home.

Overjoyed to connect with old friends again.

Skinny as a rail from all this walking and lugging around a big baby!

Delighted by the beauty that’s all around me.

Full of Turkish food and happy for it.

Thrilled that we found a wonderful church.

Wishing I had more margin in life to enjoy friends, learn Turkish and snuggle with my hubby and my baby.

Surprised at how useful soap operas are for language learning!

Happily soaking up the sunshine before the rainy season hits. This California girl needs Vitamin D! Did you know expats are at a higher risk for post-partum depression and depression in general?

Thankful. Joy-filled. Nervous and excited about what the future will bring.





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