From Here to There Istanbul

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets a little stressed when trying to figure out the best way to get to some destinations in Istanbul. I think, Hmmm… is it better to take one boat, two buses and a mini bus, or should I take a train and two taxis? Another route might mean I can take the metrobus, which would save time, so I have to consider that as well. More than once I’ve thought, ” I wish there were some website or app that would just do this route planning for me.”

Well, ladies, if you are like me, it’s your lucky day! There is such a website. It was recently launched, and is great because it can be downloaded as an app on your phone. It’s called BuradanOraya and is the answer to all your navigational stresses. Another advantage is that the website is in both English and Turkish and is FREE!

I hope the time you save from this gives you just a couple of extra minutes to snuggle with your sweet baby in the morning, or to soak up a little more time in bed, or lets you at least get in a shower today.

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