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Written by Siobhan Yeo, Fitness Nutrition Coach and Founder of The Physique Method™

Istanbul is an amazing city for many reasons, but one of which is the fresh, seasonal produce that becomes available at this time of year.  Istanbul boasts some great farmers markets, which are really fun to find and explore. Now that we are transitioning into a warm summer here in Istanbul, it is a great time to experiment with different foods and flavors and really appreciate the amazing fresh produce available to us.  There are many other benefits to eating a diet based on seasonal availability from the great taste, the nutrient content to the lower cost. For this post, I have prepared 6 easy steps for you to follow.


Six easy steps to eat fresh and seasonally in Istanbul:


1. Begin locally:

Find out where your nearest local farmers market is. Plan to make a visit and get there early. Delve deep into your Turkish and get to know the stall owners.  Often they have great knowledge of seasonality and I always get inspired to create new and interesting recipes.


2. Think fresh:

You’re busy and it’s so easy to buy pre-prepared food at the supermarket.  However, pre-packaged food is often high in salt, sugar, preservatives and trans fats.  Chose fresh produce to ensure you and your family are getting the most nutrients and vitamins from your food.

3. Check the price:

Take a good look at the price when choosing food at the supermarket, or at your farmers market.  The less it costs, often means it is grown here in Turkey.  Also, look up local fresh food delivery services like Pinar Kaftancioglu at and City Farm Organic at


4. Plan your week ahead:

I take some time out on a Sunday to plan my meals for the week.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of culinary spontaneity.  Fresh does not stay fresh, so plan some of your meals ahead in order to use all of your produce through the week.  Encourage your little ones to choose the menu too, making it a lot of fun to plan your evening meals together.

5. Keep it simple:

The best recipes are often the easiest to prepare. Try out a new seasonal ingredient within a recipe each week.

6. Think of your health and wellbeing:

There are many tips for staying in healthy and well, but my top 3 are: 1. Eat and drink fresh every day whilst drinking at least 2 liters of water.  2. Exercise regularly.  3. Ensure you rest and get enough sleep each night.

I always think about what I’m eating or drinking.  Here’s a great quote that I love and will help:  “If it’s a plant, eat it.  If it’s made in a plant, don’t”.  Michael Pollen, Author.



Amazing Seasonal ingredients, currently available in Istanbul:


Turkey is great for a huge choice of ingredients all year round.  However, like most countries, some items are fresher than others.  Have you noticed how small the celery became between January and April?  Now, is the best time for:




Red and Green Peppers





Red, White and Spring Onions (Scallions)


Herbs (Mint, Parsley, Basil, Dill)
























In my experience some items are very expensive here in Istanbul (some of these items are imported).  More expensive items that I have seen include cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, sweet potatoes and asparagus.


However, if you follow my guide, you can experience the freshest, locally sourced produce whilst reaping the nutritional benefits!  Here’s to eating fresh and seasonally this summer in Istanbul!


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The Physique Method™ has been created exclusively by Siobhan Yeo, a former ballet dancer and a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, who previously lived in London and Los Angeles. The Physique Method™ is a unique approach to complete body wellness by coaching both fitness and nutrition together, for quick results and long-term wellness.  It has been carefully designed to make you feel great from within.  Siobhan’s clients boast that they have lost weight, toned their body, they eat healthily, have more energy, have improved skin, hair and nails and they have achieved their ideal physique.  Most importantly, fitness and nutrition has become part of their lifestyles for long-term health and wellness.  Siobhan coaches The Physique Method™ privately in the privacy of her client’s homes and also at select gyms across Istanbul.  For more information please contact:


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