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Eggs, a tasty treat indeed

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Did you know eggs are seasonal? It’s hard to believe that since we have access to them year round, but truth be told, they are. After all, with the spring sunshine and abundance of vitamin D available, hens are on a laying streak! I didn’t give it much thought until I cracked open my breakfast […]

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A Clean Home… At What Cost?

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Recently I went to a women’s group at a friend’s house. When I stepped into her house for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She has 4 children, so how on Earth was her house so clean? I could have eaten off her floor without a speck off dust finding its way onto […]

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Winter Vegetable Salad

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I suppose this post could have been more timely… Say, December? But, truth be told I just thought of it recently, and had to share! You see, it’s not just any salad. I shared it with 4 of my Turkish friends and they really liked it, so it also gets the Turkish stamp of approval […]

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Using All Parts of the Buffalo

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Now, I don’t boast enough Native American blood to have earned me tuition money for college, but I think I would make my very distant Native American relatives proud by some of the ways I’ve managed to use all parts of the buffalo, figuratively speaking, of course. Trader Joe’s coffee My husband and I are […]

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Recommendations for a pregnant friend- part 1

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I was writing an email to my sweet friend, who is expecting in July, regarding some good books on pregnancy and child rearing that I’ve read. While I was pregnant I read anything I could get my hands on thinking that I probably wouldn’t have much time after our little sweetie was born. Since I […]

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