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You very brave Mamas, yes you

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We left Istanbul at the end of June for what was to be a short time in America before returning to Turkey and then moving to Izmir. Well, with the attempted military coup, and the subsequent firing/laying off/forcing to resign of academics, we thought it best for our family in this season to wait to […]

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Learning a Language is such a funny thing

Nothing is ever one to one. It would be a lot easier if that were the case, but sadly, it’s not. In English we organize our sentences with the subject first, verb second and object third. In Turkish, it’s subject, object, verb. Tricky, tricky. Or take smoking a cigarette, for example. In Turkish you don’t […]

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Some Signs you are on your way to Going Native

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1) Ayran is your preferred beverage of choice. 2) When choosing between a latte and Turkish coffee you chose Turkish coffee. 3) When going out to eat you no longer think, “Hmm, Italian, Thai, Indian, Turkish” but rather think, “Hmm, Adana Kebab, çöp şiş kebab, beyti kebab, iskender kebab, urfa kebab, etc.” 4) If you […]

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Am I Going Native?

On Friday night my husband and I had a date night in. We ordered Papa John’s Pizza, and I was in charge of going to our favorite local pastanesi, Yavuz Pastanesi, to pick out some yummy desserts to share. Additionally, I was to pick up beverages. For my husband, that one is a no brainer. […]

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Comparison Leads to Pride or Despair, Not Humility or Joy

Recently my sweet friend and fellow blogger wrote a post about how comparison is the thief of all joy. It was pretty timely as just this week I’ve been talking with my husband regarding comparison. I’ve come to a conclusion: comparison leads to pride or despair. You see, we’ve just crossed the 7th month mark of […]

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