Can I admit that I’m overwhelmed?

The Pollyanna-meets-Anne-of-Green-Gables side of me has a hard time admitting it, but I’m overwhelmed. I keep waiting for a break, but I tell you it’s one thing after another. I’m overwhelmed by being a mom here, learning language, keeping in touch with friends and family back home, trying to make a nice Christmas for my family, cleaning the house, keeping the fridge stocked with groceries, making nutritious meals for my family, teaching my daughter new things, making ends meet, moving, being supportive of my husband, buying furniture and appliances, balancing a budget in three currencies, and the list goes on. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This week I found myself in many peculiar situations. The one that comes to my mind makes me laugh now, but I wasn’t laughing then.

On Thursday Istanbul was showered with an abundance of snow and cold. I had plans to stay inside to kick this cold I’ve been fighting for over a week. I woke up feeling terrible and was determined to get better but knew rest was key. However, that’s not how the day was going to go.

As most of you know snow here isn’t fluffy and calm, but rather wet and slushy. We had planned to have our items moved that day, and the hope was that the movers would come after my husband was done teaching so he could take care of it. Unfortunately, they came before then. I instructed them in my novice Turkish about all the items to collect in our flat, bundled up my teething-and-overdue-for-a-nap baby, trudged out into the snow, and hopped into a van with 3 movers that had chewing tobacco stained teeth and wreaked of cigarette smoke.

We drove to our new flat, hiked the four flights of stairs (no elevator), and I spent the better part of two hours telling the guys in broken Turkish where to set up the items while trying to entertain Ellie. The flat was cold since we don’t have the gas turned on yet, but thankfully she was bundled up pretty warmly. The guys then gave me a ride home and after putting Ellie to bed, who by that time was WAY overdue for a nap to bed. I, too, crashed.

It’s Sunday, and I still don’t feel 100%. Instead I’m overwhelmed. JUST PLAIN OVERWHELMED. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

I’m not the only one right? Sometimes I’m sick of being tough!

Alright, enough of that. I’m going to get back into my usual Pollyanna mood, turn on some Christmas music, warm up some sahlep, and enjoy our pretty Christmas tree. Some days may be difficult, but I have a lot to be thankful for.

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