A Fun Christmas Tradition Especially for World Travelers

My husband and I started a Christmas tradition the year we were married, 2009, and it was really fun decorating the Christmas tree this year in light of that tradition. Each year we select an ornament that in some way reflects the theme of that year or a big event that occurred that year. This year we had 4 ornaments! It was a joy to get to remember our years together and some of the wonderful memories that we share. It’s also neat to see ornaments from 3 different countries- what a fun souvenir!

Of course the first year’s big news was our marriage. We celebrated our honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies. Here is our bear ornament. 2009

In 2010 we moved internationally to Budapest, Hungary for my husband to begin work on his PHD. This is an ornament we purchased there representing a big life move.

In 2011, last year, I was well with child on Christmas and it sure did make the story of the birth of Jesus come to light in a whole new way. We like Mary and Joseph felt intimidated by many of the details of the birth, and so the realness of that story became even more real to me in that season. This lovely ornament we purchased at a Christmas Fair in Budapest.

This year was a big year with the birth of our daughter, Eleanor. We bought this ornament this summer because it describes her perfectly- happy as a clam. She’s always been the happiest baby and still continues to be. 2012

This ornament receives honorable mention because my mother made it and I love it because Ellie’s middle name is Joy. Isn’t it sweet?

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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