A Clean Home… At What Cost?

Recently I went to a women’s group at a friend’s house. When I stepped into her house for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She has 4 children, so how on Earth was her house so clean? I could have eaten off her floor without a speck off dust finding its way onto my breakfast. I’m sure she was probably a little embarrassed as I was going on and on about how clean her home was and inquiring how she does it. (Funny thing, my house isn’t that messy, just not immaculate.)

Finally, she said something quite poignant, and when people say poignant things I try to remember them. She said, “Your home is probably peaceful.” And, you know what? She’s absolutely right. Our home is peaceful!

Interestingly enough, she didn’t say her house wasn’t peaceful. In fact, for her, it probably is more peaceful to have a more clean home. But, the key is finding out what works for you family.

I remember early in our marriage trying to keep up appearances and attempting to have a perfectly immaculate home with all of the latest and hippest decor. I thought it was customary to apologize for uncleanliness (that wasn’t real) when visitors came. Come on… you know you do this. Your house is perfectly spotless and you coyly apologize “for the mess”. Anyways, the funny thing is I would stress myself out to the max with some crazy expectations that only I cared about. I would say it was important to have a clean home in order to be a good wife, but my husband didn’t necessarily have those same expectations. Then, poor guy, he was always walking on eggshells because my temper was short if he did anything to disturb my clean house. Poor guy…. it was not peaceful.

In the years since, I’ve grown a lot. We now have a peaceful home most days. I deep clean once a week, and I try to keep the house tidy throughout the week. Yesterday I took my daughter to the park for 2 hours instead of vacuuming and mopping. 3 years ago I don’t know if I would have made that better choice.

All this to say, what’s keeping your home from being peaceful, and is it worth it? Some people, like my sweet friend, can boast an immaculate home in peace. I can host friends every other night of the week, and still have peace. Not everyone can. Honestly, we are all so different, but the key is finding what works for your family and making peace a goal.

So, what needs to go for you to have peace? Or, what needs to change?

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