2015 Reading List

bookA few weeks ago I stumbled across a really fun idea for selecting books to read in 2015. Check it out! I had already selected several books I’d like to read this year, but this list is particularly fun because it pushes me just a little bit out of my reading comfort zone and challenges me to tackle reads I otherwise might have not considered. Here’s my 2015 list.

1) Nesting place (published 2014) (Book published this year)

2) 1,000 white women (This is a book that my mom loves)

3) Harry potter– I know, I know, I know. About time! Everyone has read it!

4) Crime and punishment (originally published in Russian- this will be the toughest one!)

5) Of mice and men (should have read in high school)

6) Bird by bird (author I like- Anne Lamott)

7) Either The Tiger’s wife or Blind man’s garden (My friend Deb has great taste and she recommended both of these.)

8) Disciplines of a godly woman (I love the cover!)

9) A family apart (childhood read) In fact, the only book I remember from my childhood besides Sweet Valley High. And there is no way I could stand the mortification if my husband caught me reading Sweet Valley High books.

10) Parenting with love and logic (This is one I have been meaning to read)

11) Unbroken (on bestseller list)

12) Lonesome dove (A genre I don’t usually read)


What are you reading this year?

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