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Istanbul Cooking School and Discount for Istanbul Moms and Mums!

My husband and I have lived abroad long enough now that when we travel to new cities we are rarely captivated by the dazzling architecture or the art motifs that are native and interesting to the land. Rather, we love to get into the food scene and to learn a little more about the culture […]

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A Clean Home… At What Cost?

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Recently I went to a women’s group at a friend’s house. When I stepped into her house for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She has 4 children, so how on Earth was her house so clean? I could have eaten off her floor without a speck off dust finding its way onto […]

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Comparison Leads to Pride or Despair, Not Humility or Joy

Recently my sweet friend and fellow blogger wrote a post about how comparison is the thief of all joy.┬áIt was pretty timely as just this week I’ve been talking with my husband regarding comparison. I’ve come to a conclusion: comparison leads to pride or despair. You see, we’ve just crossed the 7th month mark of […]

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Pregnancy Collection Part 3- Sleeping, learning, and growing

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Oh baby sleep. That was my biggest challenge the first year with our daughter. I kept waiting for her sleep through the night. It seemed that life revolved around that one goal- sleep. There are tons of books out there, many promising the magical solution and to be the cure-all for your baby. However, the […]

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