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Pregnancy Collection Part 2- Our Favorite Kids books

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Ellie and I love reading together. It’s fun to flip the pages with her as she tickles the kitties, says “ruff, ruff” when we see pictures of dogs, or delightfully flips the pages with glee. I started reading to her when she was really little more because I didn’t know what else to do with […]

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Recommendations for a pregnant friend- part 1

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I was writing an email to my sweet friend, who is expecting in July, regarding some good books on pregnancy and child rearing that I’ve read. While I was pregnant I read anything I could get my hands on thinking that I probably wouldn’t have much time after our little sweetie was born. Since I […]

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Istanbul Price is Right

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As a kid I watched an obscene amount of television. Ironic considering while shopping for furniture and appliances for our home here my husband and I didn’t stop for a second to consider a television. I suppose I managed to curb my television addiction at some point, but despite that I’m sure I’ve watched more […]

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Istanbul Italian Chicken Soup

I’ve made this soup approximately six times in the past six days. Well, actually, I made it three times and then reheated it three times. I know you are thinking I am totally not up for wife of the year since I obviously lack creativity, but truth be told this soup is incredible. It was […]

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Good Mama Reads

While I was in grad school I noted a comment that my supervisor used in regards to his wife. He said, “she’s a voracious reader.” Wow. I thought, I want to be a voracious reader! I want my husband to describe me that way to others! At any rate, fast forward a few years, I’m […]

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