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Snowy Istanbul

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So beautiful. 

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A Prescription for Contentment

Along with her husband and children, Ella worked with the pygmies in Africa for 52 years. She had left her family, her country, and all that was familiar.  Primitive doesn’t begin to describe her living conditions in the scorching heat and humidity of the African bush. But Ella found no relief because electricity, air-conditioning, and […]

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2013 goals?

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As I’ve thought through, or tried to think through, my goals for this year, I’ve come up a little short or a little too ambitious. At this point I’ve decided to give up sugar until July, start running again, and, well, that’s it. I’ll be healthier. But I also need a little intellectual motivation, ideas […]

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A New Year in Istanbul and I have one goal

Well, I have several goals brewing, but one I’m ready to commit to. I’m giving up sugar for six months. I’ve been tired all of 2012, and I can no longer blame Ellie since she sleeps through the night. I gave up sugar in 2011, the year I conceived Ellie, but after about 8 months […]

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