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Thankful for the sahil and sunshine

  My baby girl turned 1 this past week. Here’s a photo of us soaking up some sunshine at the sahil. I tried to fill up the day with all of her favorite things including: kefir, bananas, and doggies and kitties.

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Chicken, Spinach and Rice Casserole- my favorite one pot meal

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I made this tonight and it was so delicious I had to share. Who needs Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup when you can make this from scratch? I wish I had a photo, but we gobbled the dish up much too quickly. Sorry! It looks a little like this photo I borrowed from the internet.  […]

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Drink like a world traveler

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Not sure if it’s because she was born in Hungary, or because it doesn’t taste much different than her other love, ayran, but she sure does love kefir!

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Our Small Town in Maltepe

I’ve wondered if I could ever truly feel at home in a city of 17 million people. I’m not what I’d consider a city slicker, and the feel of a small town appeals to me. The hustle and bustle of Budapest was a bit much for me, and that’s a city of 2 million. However, […]

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Change Change

Well, we are all unpacked and in our place. What that means for me is I’m wearing lots of cute outfits that I haven’t touched in months! Today I tried on a shirt I remember wearing last winter this time, and to my amazement it fit! Amazing considering how things have changed.       […]

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