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How to open accounts for electricity, water, and gas on the Asian side of Istanbul

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My husband did all of the hard work of opening our accounts recently. So you don’t have to waste hours of time dealing with missing documents and the like, he chronicled what you must do to fail-proof your way to getting your electricity, water and gas turned on. So you’ve moved into a new flat […]

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The Advantages of Celebrating Christmas in Istanbul

Well, here we are, Christmas Eve. The sun is shining bright, and Pollyanna is back, unlike yesterday. And although I miss my family like crazy, am dying to eat one of my friend Kim’s cinnamon rolls, and wish there were some other ladies hanging out in the kitchen with me, I find myself also thinking […]

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Can I admit that I’m overwhelmed?

The Pollyanna-meets-Anne-of-Green-Gables side of me has a hard time admitting it, but I’m overwhelmed. I keep waiting for a break, but I tell you it’s one thing after another. I’m overwhelmed by being a mom here, learning language, keeping in touch with friends and family back home, trying to make a nice Christmas for my […]

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Christmas Recipes that work in Istanbul?

Well, I will NOT be making a ham this year, you? Is lamb weird to make for Christmas? Help me! I need some recipe ideas. I found this one for cranberry orange scones that I think I might try. Any other good ideas?    

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A Fun Christmas Tradition Especially for World Travelers

My husband and I started a Christmas tradition the year we were married, 2009, and it was really fun decorating the Christmas tree this year in light of that tradition. Each year we select an ornament that in some way reflects the theme of that year or a big event that occurred that year. This […]

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