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Unfortunately, I blinked

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And look what happened. I’m sure this was not two seconds ago!                           And now look at her. She’s 8 months old today.                       7 months didn’t seem too big. It was so […]

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What to do when you don’t want to do anything

Sometimes being a foreigner is tough. There are days when stepping out my front door is absolutely the last thing that I want to do. Sometimes the risk of looking like a fool, getting hit by a car, or having perfect strangers touch my baby puts me over the edge. But, you know what’s worse […]

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Some things you should never say to a Mom

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I read this blog post this morning and laughed and laughed. Oh, how many people I so wish I could send this to without offense intended. It’s impolite to highlight others’ ignorance. Enjoy!

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Büyük Ada with a baby- a great idea!

My family and I spent the day at Büyük Ada yesterday. I was nervous how we’d manage the hills and biking with our daughter who is almost 8 months old, but it was perfect! The biking companies have baby seats. Since our daughter sits up fine on her own and is content in almost any […]

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My new favorite kitchen tip!

I’ve just finished reading a great book that is designed as an instructional manual on how to simplify and organize one’s life. Lately I’ve been thinking I definitely could use some help organizing my life, but I did not even know where to start! Well, this book is great because it gives you 52 ideas […]

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