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Mama, You’re Not Alone

The reason I started this blog is because I want women who are relocating to Istanbul to be able to find all the information they’ll need for moving in one location. I want other women to be able to easily find resources for connecting with other moms, information on how to find a doctor for […]

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17 tips for surviving the first days with a newborn

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Great ideas for surviving those early days here. Looking back, I didn’t enjoy the early days as much as I should have. After all, Ellie was a dream baby. She rarely cried, ate very well, slept well, didn’t have gas or reflux or colic. What was there not to enjoy? I was so caught up […]

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Our Happy Homebirth in Hungary

On January 23rd, my due date, I had a doctor’s appointment at 2pm. He conducted a non-stress test, did an internal exam, and sent me away with an appointment on Friday. I thought the internal exam hurt more than usual, and I was convinced that he stripped my membranes. On the way home, I was […]

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Jet lag and babies

Well, I wish I had the secret to ensuring a smooth transition from one continent to another with as little jet lag as possible. All I can do for now is share our experience and give you a couple of tips that I read about and tried. Flying East to West The most difficult part […]

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