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Tips and our experience of flying with a baby

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Well, we did it. We successfully managed to get from Budapest to California. The trip had it’s bumps, but we made it! As international citizens, this is life for us. And, if you are living in a country not your own, it’s probably going to be a part of life for you as well. I […]

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Pre-planning for flying internationally with kids

My husband and I looked forward to international flights before kids. After all, it’s a great opportunity to see all the latest flicks that we didn’t want to splurge to see in the theater. You can meet new and fascinating people. You can enjoy free alcoholic beverages on the flight. As my husband says, “it’s […]

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What an interesting person you are, Eleanor.

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We’re getting ready to embark upon our first international journey home with our daughter. She’s not quite five and a half months old, and already has a more exciting international track record than most Americans. For starters, she was conceived in Hungary and traveled to many parts of the United States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, […]

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Honey whipped cream- yes please!

What’s the hardest thing about living in a country other than your home country? I suppose that answer is different for everyone, but for many people the answer is the food. Now, where we live the food is amazing. I’m not talking about that! I’m talking about missing the comfort food that we have grown […]

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Why Istanbul Moms?

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While living in Budapest, Hungary in 2011 I became pregnant with our first child. As Americans living in a foreign country, we had a lot of learning to do when it came to not only having a baby in Hungary, but taking care of a baby in Hungary. Thankfully, there was a great resource available […]

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