17 tips for surviving the first days with a newborn

Great ideas for surviving those early days here. Looking back, I didn’t enjoy the early days as much as I should have. After all, Ellie was a dream baby. She rarely cried, ate very well, slept well, didn’t have gas or reflux or colic. What was there not to enjoy? I was so caught up on figuring her out, and once she slept her first six hour stretch at night I was obsessed with getting her to do it again. Finally, at about three months in I decided to just enjoy her. And, it made all the difference. Now I’m looking forward to those early days once again with our future children because the time is so sweet and goes so fast. That being said, take advantage of these tips! Rest, accept, and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle with that new sweet baby.

Cuddling with my sweet, sleepy newborn daughter.

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